About Us

Mission & Guiding

Mission: To provide a variety of humanitarian work to support families, children, and youth in underprivileged communities.  

​Vision: To help strengthen the foundation of struggling families by providing donated items ranging from basic needs to personalized requests. By making donations to those in need, we hope to alleviate some of the systemic struggles many underserved communities and populations are faced with. Our goal is to see families and children thrive.

Safety: The personal wellbeing and physical safety of those working with us and those we serve is of utmost importance to our foundation. Our policies are put in place to ensure that the communities’ privacy and dignity are always a top priority. 

​Strengths-Based Principles: We believe that every family has the ability to thrive when basic needs are met. Our focus is to connect with the communities we serve to provide quality and individualized humanitarian work that is needed for each region. We understand that community needs are unique and the work we do will vary.  

​Quality Service: Those involved in the H4H Foundation are passionate individuals who have unwavering amounts of empathy for those who are experiencing challenging circumstances. Everyone we work with has the desire and ability to provide help.

Diversity and Inclusion: Everyone we work with is welcomed with an open heart. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and valued regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, disability, education, or any other bias.

​Transparency:  Accurate and detailed record keeping allows us to be completely transparent in all transactions. We pledge to be transparent and honest in all aspects of our work.

​Accountability: Everyone working with The H4H Foundation will always be held to a high standard of professionalism, including: respect, honesty, accountability, optimism, and consistency.

Who We Are: ​The H4H Foundation is guided by Strength-Based Principles, believing in the inherent ability of every family to thrive when basic needs are met. Our commitment extends to providing quality and individualized humanitarian work tailored to the unique needs of each community we serve. Passionate individuals within our foundation bring unwavering empathy to those facing challenging circumstances, ensuring a dedication to delivering help.

Diversity and Inclusion are integral to our identity, as we embrace a welcoming environment where everyone is respected and valued, irrespective of differences. Transparency is a cornerstone, upheld through accurate and detailed record-keeping, ensuring openness in all transactions. We pledge accountability, holding everyone within The H4H Foundation to high standards of professionalism, marked by respect, honesty, accountability, optimism, and consistency.

Who We Serve: The H4H Foundation is dedicated to serving children under 18 in various challenging circumstances. This includes survivors of domestic violence, children who have experienced abuse and neglect, youth residing in motels, hotels, shelters, or those facing homelessness, survivors of human trafficking, as well as community college students experiencing homelessness. Additionally, the foundation extends its support to families who have been relocated to Southern California. Our commitment to these diverse categories underscores our mission to uplift and provide essential assistance to vulnerable children and youth, fostering an environment where they can overcome adversity and thrive.​

Who We Support

Board Members

The Foundation consists of a total of six board members and an additional seven advisory board members, who dedicate their time to the H4H Foundation. It is important to note that all the members of the foundation are volunteers, demonstrating the foundation's commitment to being entirely volunteer based.

Advisory Board