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175 volunteers devote their time to the H4H Foundation which remains 100% volunteer based.

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“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” – DeAnn Hollis

Our volunteers form the backbone of the H4H Foundation, and we wholeheartedly salute each one, inviting them into our extended family. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and passion are irreplaceable, enabling the foundation to undertake numerous substantial projects annually. Serving at the forefront of every mission, our volunteers play a pivotal role in our success. We treat each volunteer as a cherished member of our family, nurturing a supportive environment. Their unwavering commitment contributes to spreading our message, fostering the remarkable growth of the foundation in a short span. Notably, the H4H Foundation is 100% volunteer-based, with our diverse and inclusive community spanning ages 10 to 80. Join us in making a meaningful difference!