Our Work

Empowering Children and Youth Through Compassion​

The H4H Foundation, which stands for Hope, Help & Healing for Humanity, serves as a guiding beacon for underserved communities, particularly focusing on children and families in need. With their Tax ID # 87-2110928, this 501(c)(3) foundation is dedicated to humanitarian endeavors, offering vital assistance to marginalized and overlooked children and families.  

The Foundation is supported by the volunteer board and advisory board members all maintaining professional degrees in law, medicine, finance, to name a few. Additionally, a large number of volunteers devote their time to the H4H Foundation which remains 100% volunteer based.

Empowering Wellness for Underprivileged Children.

(Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Nutrition & Hygiene Kits)

The H4H Foundation is dedicated to fostering holistic wellness through its comprehensive Wellness Program. Embracing the mind-body connection. Our Yoga sessions offer a rejuvenating escape, promoting mental and physical well-being. In parallel, our Hygiene Kits initiative addresses basic health needs, ensuring access to essential toiletries for vulnerable communities. Nourishing the body is paramount, and our Nutrition component emphasizes balanced diets and educates on the significance of healthy eating habits. By integrating Yoga, Hygiene Kits, and Nutrition, the H4H Foundation strives to empower individuals in their journey toward overall well-rounded health.
Shoes 4 Smiles

Our Annual Project "Shoes-4-Smiles"

H4H believes shoes represent confidence and empowers children for a brighter future. Our annual mission provides needy children with new athletic shoes, fostering confidence, joy, and readiness for school. These transformative shoes enhance attendance, self-esteem, behavior, and physical activity, enabling full participation in childhood experiences. Through our yearly initiative, we distribute thousands of new shoes and socks, equipping at-risk kids and communities for a brighter tomorrow.


At the Backpacks4Success Annual event, our primary goal is to equip children with the essential supplies needed for a successful start to their school year. The H4H Foundation proudly collaborates with schools to identify children facing the greatest need for these donations. Our mission extends beyond providing basic school essentials; we aim to offer students the opportunity to fully focus on their learning journey. We provide a year’s worth of school supplies to children in low-income schools and local family shelters.
Backpacks 4 Success
Hope Scholarship recipient

Hope Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program embraces a diverse array of interests and talents. Whether you excel in painting, possess musical gifts, demonstrate a passion for sports, strive for academic excellence, or yearn to explore new realms of fun and creativity, we offer scholarship opportunities that have the potential to positively transform your life.

Holidays & Special Celebrations

The H4H Foundation organizes a diverse array of special celebrations throughout the year, aiming to bring new experiences and joy to children in need. Our commemorations include events for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the 4th of July, the onset of summer, and Labor Day. These celebrations involve memorable experiences such as luncheons, gift baskets, and engaging field trips. Embracing cultural diversity, the foundation also places value on recognizing and celebrating various cultural festivals, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Easter, Holi, and Eid. Our commitment to these festivities underscores our dedication to creating positive and uplifting moments for the children we serve.
Global Charity

Global Charity

Our global mission is charity all over the world! Our mission is simple – we are here to make sure no child in crisis ever feels alone. As a US-registered charity, we partner with a non-profit in the country of need and focus on providing resources for education and basic needs of underprivileged children.