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Our Annual Project “Care-4-You” Hygiene Kits

This initiative emerged in response to the necessity of equipping disadvantaged communities facing homelessness with the means to safeguard themselves against preventable illnesses caused by insufficient hygiene, such as inadequate sanitation and poor handwashing practices among children and young people in need.  Over the past two years, the team at The H4H Foundation  has assembled 4,750 hygiene kits that have been donated to students and families living in motels and/or experiencing homelessness, with valuable school and community resources and services.  This could not be done without the support of excellent partners like Dr Squatch, Green Sentiments, private donors and many supporters, who donated funds, products and helped assemble the kits. In the last two years, for the assembly of the “Care-4-You” Hygiene Kits, we have engaged our community members and their families, totaling 155  volunteers across Los Angeles 

h4h hygiene kits